Ammon Ignite 2021

We started in 2016 with the goal of getting fiber to everyone.
Now it is time to see if together, we can achieve that goal.
That is the purpose of this website.

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You, the residents

the City, as the fiber utility

Are the keys to reaching our shared 2021 fiber goals!
You need to understand your options, and
We need to understand your decision.

Why Ammon Fiber?

For more information about Ammon Fiber watch the following videos:

What is Fiber Optic?

Is there really any difference between fiber optic, copper, coax or even wireless?

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What is the City doing?

Why is the City installing fiber, how does it work and why is everyone signing up?

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What is everyone saying?

What should residents who sign up expect if their neighborhood is selected for fiber?

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Why Sign Up?

The cost per home decreases as the number participating increases.
Signing up tells the City that your neighborhood has enough interest to fund the necessary construction at an affordable rate.

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Fiber Drop


Home Equipment


Fiber Cables


Underground Conduit



  • Fast Company

    Jay Woodruff
    Writer - Fast Company

    "Ammon is a true local network, where residents own the fiber and providers compete to serve them."

  • Federal Communications Commission

    Tom Wheeler
    Former FCC Chairman

    "Hurray for Ammon! Where the network of the 21st century is available to all, and where competition beats consolidation and monopoly control.